What's in My Bag (2008) / by Will Tung

What's in My Bag

Clockwise (kind of) from bag:

1. The North Face Surge Backpack - Great look, straps located in such a way to make your load lighter, a great separate compartment for my notebook which is suspended in such a way so it doesn't hit the ground, and a hidden pocket for my power adaptor.

2. Holga 120N Medium Format Lomography Camera - This toy camera outputs some great over-saturated square yumminess.

3. Eddie Bauer Water Bottle - This 25.4 oz. (751 ml) bottle is made with "virtually unbreakable" Lexan resin.

4. Canon Rebel Xti/400D DSLR w/ 50mm f/1.8 II Prime Lens - My main camera of choice, and one of my favorite possessions.

5. USB iPod Shuffle Dock - A bit clunky, and if it ever breaks, I will replace it with the Marware version that doesn't have a cord.

6. 85W MagSafe Power Adapter - For the MBP. Make sure you don't trip over the adaptor while it is plugged in the wall, as you may slightly bend the prong. Maybe they shoulda MagSafed the other end for clumsy people like me. :P

7. Radio Shack retractable USB to mini-USB cord - Used to use it for connecting my PSP (which I sold) to my PC Desktop (which I sold). Now used to connect my DSLR, as well as my:

8. Sony MRW62SE-S1/171 17-in-1 Card Reader - High speed USB 2.0, very sleek and compact, and matches the laptop.

9. Moleskine Ruled Notebook - I love these things, and wished I used the larger cahier versions in school.

10. Cross Metal ION Gel Ink Pen - This pen kinda sucks. It looks cool, and is compact, but it's uncomfortable to use. The Dr. Grip I used in college was much better. I'll probably replace this when the ink runs out.

11. Money Smart Clip - Holds bills on one side, and cards on the other. Engraved with WT. I've had this for 7 years and still nothing I've seen is as slim, convenient, and sleek as this solution.

12. CRKT M16-12 Aluminum Handle Folding Knife - Just in case.

13. Porsche Boxster Keys - Why do people use the plural form and say "Can I have the keys to the [Enter Car Name Here]" when they're really just asking for one key?

14. Palm Treo 700w - This is the Windows version of the Treo 700. I used to use the EVDO data plan, but Verizon charges insane amounts for their data, so I cancelled that portion. Contract is up, just waiting for a phone that I actually like to replace it.

15. Tucano MicroFibra X Second Skin Sleeve - This microfiber & neoprene sleeve for my MBP is oh so soft and highly recommended. It also comes with a microfiber keyboard protector that doubles as a screen cleaner. Thanks Honeca!

16. iPod Shuffle 1GB - 2nd Gen, in green, and engraved with "musique du jour" on the back.

17. MacBook Pro - 15.4", 2.5 GHz Penryn, 4GB RAM, 512MB VRAM, 200GB 7200rpm hard drive, and a multitouch trackpad.