Road Trip: San Diego to Los Angeles / by Will Tung

@ Manhattan Beach

Well, the trip back to L.A. was certainly shorter and quicker than last time. Right before I headed out of San Diego, I stopped by Mission Beach to check it out. It was quite similar to Hermosa, but for some reason I wasn't feeling it as much. It was basically Hermosa, with more surfers, uglier houses, harder sand, and darker water. Don't get me wrong, it's still a very nice beach, but I've seen better now. When I dropped into L.A., I took a quick tour of Farmer's Market, which was filled with locally grown vegetables, fruits, and various other things. It was next to Nick's improv class, which was right on Hollywood, and which was hugely entertaining. If I do decide to choose L.A. as my place to live, I will definitely have to try out some acting classes for fun. We both went to Manhattan Beach afterwards, which is a couple miles north of Hermosa. The sand was extremely soft, and the sun was warm, but not hot. It was perfect weather for just lying there and listening to the waves, as we contemplated and discussed life, and the origins of each grain of sand. The ocean was quite cold, and very refreshing, although a little saltier than most places. Nothing beats the feeling of lying on the beach on a cool sunny evening. The aquarium that was on the pier was already closed, and we didn't find any bike rental places on this beach, so next time we'll rent from Hermosa or Redondo, and bike through all three. Dinner was at an Italian place called Mama D's, which was very cramped, and the food was very regular. It didn't help that my board shorts and underwear were still damp, which made the whole experience a little uncomfortable. Anyhoo... here are the stats:

Distance: 138 miles Average Speed: 56.9 mph Moving Time: 2 hours 25 minutes Total Time: 3 hours 20 minutes Average Mileage: 27.3 mpg