Hidden In-N-Out Burger Menu / by Will Tung

Animal Style Fries @ In-N-Out Burger

Remember how I mentioned in a previous post that the In-N-Out Burger menu had only four items, and it was very streamlined? So apparently, there is a hidden menu at In-N-Out Burger. Nick tipped me off on it, and you can look it up from people who have written about it online. It's a menu for "those in the know," and includes all sorts of variations, such as Animal Style Fries, which include cheese, onions, and "secret sauce," or the Flying Dutchman, which is a burger without the bun, and wrapped in lettuce, or even the Neapolitan Shake, which is chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry swirled together. All these items are on the computer, and the cashier's all know them, but it's just not on the menu. That's pretty cool if you ask me. I had me some Animal Style Fries... mmm, mmm... Oh, and the "secret sauce" is just Thousand Island dressing, but we don't talk about that. :-X