VSCO Phase / by Will Tung

I've been kind of addicted to the faded "VSCO look" lately (basically, crushed blacks on the tonal curve). I wonder how long it'll take for the novelty to wear off. I've also been playing around with the 1:1 aspect ratio a lot as well, especially since my camera now has it natively.

Some more notes on what I think could be improved on the Fuji X-E2. Currently, AF-L only works as a back button focus in MF mode. When in AF mode, it serves as a lock of wherever you're focused at that point. Meaning, you have to prefocus with the shutter, and then you press AF-L to 'lock' it. Wish it would just back button focus and lock at the same time. Also, I wish I could have separate view modes for shooting and reviewing photos. I prefer to shoot in EVF only with the LCD screen turned off, and to review in LCD screen only. Right now, changing view modes will change it for both shooting and review mode.